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Your brand is the face of your business. It represents your business' core philosophies, personality, and mission. Identify your brand and your customers will gain clarity.

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Brand Identity Features

Identifying your brand is paramount to all marketing efforts. I take a versatile approach to brand identity to give your business the best, most recognizable logo.

Interviewing You

To kick off the process, I conduct an interview with you to identify your demographics, core business philosophies, and to learn about your services so that I can develop a brand that expresses who you are.


Demographic data is key to identifying a brand. You want your customers to see your logo and know what you are about, trust your practices, and give you their business.

Competitor Analysis

What are your competitors doing? Information is power, and when building a great brand it is imperative to set yourself apart from your competitors. I analyze them to help determine best practices.

Building Your Brand

Once all the data is collected, I will design several concepts for us to discuss, refine the best of them, and deliver your brand in several formats for use in your marketing efforts.

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