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From your website to your brand, I do it all.

I love design, whether online or off. The creative juices flow through me, and I can't stop.
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Me, in a Nutshell

I won't give you a long, drawn out history of what got me to where I am or stories of grandeur. Below, you'll find synopses of aspects about myself that I think are important.

Like a Boss

If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I like to have fun - even while I work! You may see me around at a cafe, jamming on jazz tunes while coding.

Accidental Love

I began my long love affair with code as a youth - by accident. I needed to take a class in 7th grade to fill an elective and thought it may be interesting. Who knew I'd be so passionate about it that it would turn into my career of choice?!

Doing is Seeing

When I decided to get into freelancing full time, experimentation was the name of the game. Now, as an expert, every day I try to learn something new within my industry to stay ahead of the game.

Piano and Beer

My mind works at a million miles an hour, so it's good to stay busy - "Better busy than bored," I always say. Playing jazz piano is something I greatly enjoy, and beers with friends can never go wrong, no matter how wrong it goes.

Relationships for the Long Haul

I'm not the one-and-done type. When your project is complete, I'll be around to help you on anything else you may need - or even just to grab a brewski.

Words from My Fans

Here are some things my clients have said about me.

Max worked closely with a group of our attorneys, he listened to their suggestions and requests, and he came up with not only a more current overall appearance, but several dynamic and interactive areas on the site. We are very happy with the end result.

Kristine Thomsen, Lindsay Hart LLP

Case Study

Max designed our website and keeps it updated. As a business that focuses on customer service, we appreciate his prompt response time and availability to discuss technical issues over the phone. We recommend Max to friends and family because his work is exceptional. We strive to associate with nice, professional, and hardworking individuals – Max consistently shows us all of those qualities.

Benjamin Keane, Bowerman Law Group

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